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A blog ? What's the point ?

Posted on Mon 09 July 2018 in 3615 ma vie mon oeuvre

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That's an excellent question, thanks for asking !

... Truth is, I know you're not that interested, but I will do as everyone else on the web and start by talking about myself.

It's been a solid 20 years since I've been using Internet ; and it's the very first time I open my own webpage. And yet I have been online for an undisclosable and awful lot of time, I have written tons of stupid and a pinch of clever stuff (not using that nickname, don't even bother looking !), I've read and seen things that only Internet can offer (for better or worse).

So why only now ?

Maybe because I finally have some stuff worth sharing that might be of some use to others. My articles won't change the world (well, who knows ?), but after so much time spent enjoying stuff written by others, it's time to ... ; it's very useful for me in the first place to write about what would otherwise remain a mere thought or experience.

So what's that stuff I feel like writing about ? (you're so interested in me I feel touched).

A confession, for starters : I have studied and worked for a few years as a software engineer, and for a few months the biggest part of my time has been spent on a web project (a topic I knew stricly nothing about a year ago). So I might make my former colleagues (but still friends) cry, but one of the main topics will be the wonderful world of Web technologies and my own exploration of its ecosystem, with many technical articles that I can use as personal notes and that may also turn useful to others. And since it's quite an experience working as you intend to, there might also be personal reflexions regarding development, software engineering, and project management. I'll also try my best to demystify that field so many people take way too seriously, with easy-to-understand articles on computer science.

Additionally, since I feel like eventually completing that project and make a living out of it, I'm also discovering the world of entrepreneurship, which makes it a topic I could write about some day.

I will also talk about topics related to my project : the web, social networks, information, knowledge ... and of course my project itself, in due time.

As for the rest, it'll depend on what comes on my mind, inch'Allah !

As a conclusion, some important points :

  • Please disable your ad blocker so that the author of that content may ... nah, just kidding, no ads ever in here, and no third-party services such as Google Analytics
  • You can leave comments on each article without subscring to any service ; and if you post one using a given nickname, your browser will automatically pre-fill the fields for all the comments you might want to write in the future
  • I'm very fond of the relative anonymity the web provides ; please respect it towards me and others (e.g. by avoiding posting comments under your own identity if you know me !)
  • Please share at will, on social networks or anywhere else
  • For those who know how to, you can subscribe to a RSS feed that will keep you updated on all my fascinating adventures.
    • For those who don't know that a RSS feed it, please check this page .. and ask for advice in comments if you need to
  • If you also want a blog just like this one, with Markdown versionable articles, all required details are in the footer (you might need to get into some technical stuff - or even a LOT of it if "Markdown" or "versionable" don't ring a bell - but it's worth it !)

Cheers !

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