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Am I supposed to talk about me in here ?

... well no !

I really cherish the relative anonimacy that the web provides, and I will take care not to reveal more about me than what can actually interest some other

Suffice to say I am lucky enough (at the time of writing, July 2018) to have the opportunity to have been working full-time on a projet of mine since almost a year, after a few years as an employee in the embedded systems' field.

I will mainly use that blog as a note-book to share my discoveries and experience in domains that were totally unknown to me before and that I am exploring little-by-little :

  • Web development
  • Project management
  • Entrepreneurship

I might also talk in more details about my project, and write general articles regarding society or the web as a whole.

It's a nice win-win situation if my writings are not only useful to me (as a way of organizing my thoughts and keeping track of my own route) but can also turn to be useful to those who will stumble onto them !